About Work at Home Jobs

Jobs for stay at home workers is a burgeoning market. Thanks to technological advances, securing profitable stay at home jobs is easier than ever before. However, since remote work is such a popular field, job searching can get competitive. As such, it is important you have the skills to obtain the work you seek.  

From at home jobs for Amazon to work from home jobs data entry companies need done, the opportunities are vast. Continue reading to learn more about stay at home jobs, and how to obtain work to help support your family. 

What Are the Benefits of a Stay at Home Job? 

Work from home jobs have their benefits. For those on the fence about whether or not this is the right career move, consider that work at home job opportunities allow you to: 

  1. Make your own schedule. Being a parent or having to care for others is a taxing job, all on its own. Thankfully, real work from home jobs allow you to schedule your day, as needed. You can work around the kids and their schedules, as well. If you need to factor in school commutes and errands, this is never a problem when your schedule is in your own hands. 
  2. Work as much – or as little – as you want. Your finances can fluctuate throughout your lifetime, and that is expected. That said, you can take on as much, or as little, work as you want, when you take on an at-home job that allows you to do so. With a stay-at-home job, you may have the flexibility to work a set minimum, along with bonus opportunities, if you have some free time to put in extra hours. You can also juggle multiple opportunities, if one job puts a cap on your earnings. 
  3. No workplace etiquette to follow. A major perk of jobs for stay at home persons includes the fact that there are no rules in your workplace. For example, if you have an infant spitting up, it is nice to know that you have access to your own bathroom and a change of clothes (without a dress code enforced), whenever needed.
  4. No commute. The drive to an in-house 9 to 5 can be grueling, along with shaving hours off your day. Thanks to the right stay at home jobs, you can cancel out your commute, permanently, and spend more time tending to your family, or your work. As an added bonus, you will be able to lessen the miles and wear and tear on your car, as well as cut your costs in gas. 

Learn About Types of Remote Jobs

From online jobs to those that do not require constant connection to the internet, there are many opportunities from which to choose. You can work in data entry if you are seeking something a bit more mindless, or you can try your creative hand at writing or designing. Luckily, many of these opportunities can earn you a salary well past $40,000 per year. A handful of the best stay at home jobs to consider is outlined below.  

Data Entry Specialist  

The work from home jobs data entry companies need fulfilled are many. Data entry requires a bit of computer know how, as well as great typing skills. You also need a strong attention to detail to ensure the job is done correctly. The median annual salary for data entry jobs is currently $35,833. 

Graphic Designer

Immediate hire work from home jobs in graphic design are common. With so many small businesses booming, from physical to online brands, this field is always in need of talent willing to offer competitive prices. If you have talent in creating logos, graphics, web layouts and more, a graphic design job is a great fit for you. However, this job is constant, with clients requesting revisions on deadline. Currently, those in the field earn an average of $43,275 annually. 

Health and Wellness Coach

Work at home jobs in wellness are common, as well. If you are a diet and fitness enthusiast, consider a career as a freelance health and wellness coach. You can work with clients remotely, thanks to staying connected on the internet, and via email. You can also develop all the coaching materials you need (from exercise programs to meal plans) from the comfort of your own home, and service or sell them, as needed. As a remote health and wellness coach, you can earn $45,324 per year. 


It is no secret that writers and bloggers are some of the top work-from-home candidates today. If you are skilled in the written word, you can join a publishing or marketing company as a writer, or even launch and monetize your very own blog. However, if you cannot meet your deadlines, this field is not for you. In 2019, writers and bloggers earn an average of $48,732 per year. 


One step above a writer, in terms of skillset (unfortunately, not pay) sits the job of a proofreader. If you are meticulous in your editing practice with a strong attention to detail, real work from home jobs as proofreaders are available. You can earn up to $43,126 in this field. 

Social Media Expert 

Work from home jobs that are popular these days include positions in social media. If you are in-tune with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Reddit and more, you can easily launch into this field and profit from your skills. You can work for one company, or several clients, depending on your schedule and financial needs. In social media, you can currently make $41,945 annually. 

Online Teacher

You are already a parent that has honed teaching skills in raising your kid(s). Whether or not you have professional experience as a teacher, you can still enter this field. Join an online teaching or tutoring company, and you can work with students both domestically and internationally. On average, you will earn $43,476 a year. 

Travel Agent 

If you have a knack for world travel and love the thought of booking trips and designing itineraries for others, you can jump into a stay at home job as a travel agent/consultant, remotely. In addition to curating amazing vacations for your clients, you can forge beneficial relationships with resorts, airlines and more, for your own future travel plans. Working as a travel agent can earn you approximately $40,520 per year. 

About Skill Sets Required for Stay-at-Home Jobs

Now that you see how prosperous work at home jobs can be, the final step in determining your line of work is confirming you have what it takes. Before you start sending out your resume or incorporating your own LLC, it is important to ensure you have the basic skill set. You will be a great candidate for stay at home jobs if you can: 

  • Be a multitasker. This means being able to shift your focus from one task to the next, and back again, very quickly, or the ability to juggle multiple obligations at once. 
  • Work well with distractions. As a worker from home, you likely deal with family-based disturbances on a regular basis. However, you need to make sure you can get your work done, in lieu of these distractions. 
  • Be a self-starter. Working from home successfully means you must be independent and self-motivated. If you require management in order to produce strong work, an at-home career may not be suitable for you. 
  • Good time management. Regardless of whether you are punching a virtual time clock or not, you will need decent time management skills throughout your remote work day to ensure everything gets done that needs your attention. 
  • Computer savvy. Many of the work at home jobs outlined above require strong computer skills. You need a basic, working knowledge of computer operations to work from home today. However, the beauty of working remotely means you can brush up on your computer skills, until you are a seasoned expert.