How to Save on Moving Costs

Moving costs can hurt you financially. If you do not adequately prepare ahead of time, you often end up having to make last-minute decisions that may force you to spend money you had not planned on spending. This makes it vital for you to find the cheapest way to move and prepare ahead of time. This will allow you to be as efficient as possible on move-in day, saving money to improve your new space, buy food or put toward your rent. 

Packing all your items yourself and finding free boxes rather than buying them at a store are great strategies for low budget movers. Also, if you need help moving out, relying on friends and family is better than hiring movers, especially if you are not moving far away. However, if you need to hire a company to help you move, it is essential to follow certain strategies on finding the right one for the right amount. If you are currently receiving or are interested in Section 8 benefits, the sections below offer tips on how to save money when moving. 

Look for Free Moving Boxes

Moving boxes are essential when you are transporting your belongings into a new apartment. Not only do they give you the obvious benefit of easily moving your items in bulk, but they also provide you with a way to stay organized while you move. You can label boxes by room or even write down their contents on the outside, helping to save you time when you begin to unpack.

Certain stores and moving services sell cardboard boxes for a small fee. However, a couple of boxes will not be enough. You are going to put most items you own into boxes when you move. This means that you are going to need a lot of boxes, and even a small fee per box can quickly add up and become excessive. Keep in mind that you will also need to buy a few other supplies, such as plenty of packing tape. Therefore, finding free boxes will allow you to save on moving costs.

You can ask friends or family members if they have cardboard boxes that you can use. Perhaps they recently moved and still have boxes. Also, you can get boxes for free at your local grocery, liquor or drug store. Those locations use boxes to carry their merchandise around, and they recycle the boxes when they do not need them. Just ask an employee if there are any boxes you can have.

Pack Your Belongings Yourself

If you want to save on moving expenses, you need to pack your items yourself. Relying on moving companies to pack any of your items can be expensive. You would probably be paying the moving service company per hour, so having workers put all your belongings in a box or container is going to cause you to waste time and money. 

Additionally, packing your own belongings will allow you to remind you of everything you have. You may end up deciding you do not need certain items, or you may find that you will need to purchase a few things for your new apartment. Just as important, you will know what you do not need to buy, which will allow you to not spend your hard-earned money on items you will not use. 

Use Items in Your Home to Pack

One easy way to save money while moving is to use items that you already have in your house to pack. For instance, instead of purchasing packing peanuts and bubble wrap to pack delicate items, use crumpled up newspaper and magazine pages. Your fragile items should still be safe, and you will be saving money.

Additionally, make use of old blankets, pillowcases and trash bags to save money while moving. You can use those items to protect tables, chairs and other furniture. This will allow you not to spend money on bubble wrap, padding or extra boxes. Furthermore, you can use trash bags to instead of wardrobe boxes to hang your clothes. Wardrobe boxes can be expensive, and trash bags are a great alternative. All you need to do is leave the hanger sticking out at the top of the trash bag, which will allow you to hang and pick up your clothes. You can even use trash bags instead of boxes to pack some of your other belongings. Just make sure to double bag your items just in case.

Get Help From Family and Friends

If you are not moving far away from your current location, you have the option of moving your belongings yourself rather than hiring help. Hiring local movers can be expensive, so ask family and friends if they would be willing to help, since this will allow you to move and save. You can rent a cheap moving truck or have everyone helping you put items in their vehicles and meet at your new apartment. If it is not a far drive, you have the ability to make multiple trips if you need to. Once your new place is set up, throw a housewarming party to thank whoever helped you move.

Research Costs of Professional Moving Services

If you are moving far away or are just unable to move on your own, there are professional moving services available. There may be a variety of local movers in your area, which makes doing research on each company important. Make sure the company is reliable. You can read reviews or ask friends and family if there are any companies they recommend. In addition, ask all the companies you are considering for moving quotes. This will allow you to know which company you can afford. 

Also, once you choose a company for their assistance, it is important to know which day to choose. If possible, move during the week. The demand for moving services is lower, which means you will spend less money. In addition, moving during holidays will increase the price. This makes it essential to plan ahead of schedule on the days you want to move.

Plan Utility Shut-Off Dates

Utility bills are expensive, and if you are a part of or interested in joining energy assistance programs, it is important to plan utility shut off dates. If you no longer need light or air conditioning for where you used to live, cut the service off. Having to pay two utility bills will increase your moving costs. Also, make sure to contact your internet and cable service. Let them know in advance the date you are moving. Doing so will allow you to have those services when or shortly after you move into your new apartment.