Best Free Credit Score Sites

Credit Karma is among several credit free credit report sites that provide consumers with information on a regular basis. Checking your credit report is essential to understanding your credit health, and your spending habits. Your credit score can have a severe impact, be it positive or negative, on a major investment, such as buying a house or purchasing a car. 

Luckily, there are free credit score services for consumers to utilize, whenever they seek their updated reports. To learn more about your annual credit report, and how to obtain it, continue on to the sections below.  

What is a credit report, exactly? 

Before you start ordering your credit report all over the internet, it is important to learn the basics behind this compilation. Your credit report is a file that collects up-to-date information about your credit history, as well as your spending habits. This report features content about both your past and current credit statuses, as well as any loans to which you are indebted. 

A free credit score reveals the assigned range in which you fall, based on your credit health. This score is determined based on information supplied by creditors, credit card companies, lenders and other financial bodies. 

Your annual credit report is used by lenders to help them assess your spending habits, and whether or not you are a wise investment for them, when you are in need of a loan. Your credit score ultimately determines how high or low of an interest rate you can receive when you request a loan on a car or house, or when you decide to open a new credit card account. 

What is in my free credit report? 

Credit reports feature a multitude of information about you. For example, your credit history includes the following information: 

  • Your name
  • Your current and former address(es)
  • Your phone number(s)
  • Your date of birth
  • Your Social Security Number
  • Your credit account history, including limits, balances, payments, opening and closing dates and creditor names 
  • Your collection history
  • Your public records, such as liens, foreclosures and bankruptcies
  • Credit inquiries that have been made by other creditors 

What are the current credit score ranges? 

Your annual credit report will assess your credit score, allowing you to understand the range in which you fall among the rest of the consumers in the U.S., and their spending habits. The current credit score breakdown is as follows:

  • Exceptional: 800 to 850
  • Very Good: 740 to 799
  • Good: 670 to 739
  • Fair: 580 to 669
  • Very Poor: 300 to 579

Where can I get my free credit report?

You can access a credit report for free without credit card information on many different websites today. While you can check your credit history with each major credit bureaus once every year for free, sometimes you need to access your credit history more often than allotted. There are several companies that will send you updates on credit changes as often as once per week to once per month. To learn about the easily accessible no-cost credit report options online, review the below providers.  

Credit Karma

Known for being the best free credit score service when you want to keep a close watch on your credit, this company is a stickler for updates. Credit Karma free services operate in conjunction with Equifax and TransUnion, and require users to create personal accounts, in order to access their updates. In addition to your live credit content, you can also receive information on available offers and loans for which you qualify. 

The only major con of a Credit Karma sign up is that the company sends emails very often. Since your credit report can be updated as frequently as once per week, sometimes the email alerts cause stress and alarm, when you are trying not to busy yourself with information about your finances. 

How to Get a Free Credit Report

One of the best free credit score providers from years past is Known for its catchy jingles and commercials, this provider serves up information via Experian. Upon sign-in, you can access your score every 30 days. 

The only negative aspect of this site, if you can call it one, is the access to new credit options. If you are seeking to lower the amount of credit cards you have, it might be a disadvantage, if you are tempted every time a new offer arrives. 

Learn About Annual Credit Reports is a centralized site where you can access your report. This company is authorized to grant information under federal law. You will receive reports from all three, major credit bureaus, which include: 

  1. TransUnion.
  2. Experian.
  3. Equifax.

Applicants can obtain one, free report from Annual Credit Report every 12 months. 

While there are pluses associated with this provider, the main downside is that if your credit history is lengthy, your report will be, too. It can be hard to navigate the file, which can be many, many pages in length. 


With a NerdWallet signup, you can gain access to your TransUnion report on a weekly basis. In addition, you can access your VantageScore 3.0, which is based on your TransUnion history, each and every week. To start an account is easy and user-friendly. 

The downside of NerdWallet credit score details is that it only provides the content from one of the major credit bureaus, which may not be as comprehensive and accurate as accessing all three. 

Honorable Mentions

In addition to the above free credit score services, you can take advantage of a few more options, if – and when – needed. You can also access:

  • Credit Sesame, which is great for single-access to TransUnion, with an account. 
  • Quizzle, if you plan to purchase a home any time soon. 
  • Bankrate, which provides a chronological timeline for your convenience, and is also based on TransUnion information. 
  • CreditWise, which is provided to CapitalOne cardholders for free, and includes a simulator tool to learn how an expense or action will impact your score. 
  • WalletHub, which offers free, daily updates, in case you are concerned about your current spending habits and score.