Ways to Find Inexpensive Furniture and Decorations

When you are working on a budget, used furniture is the best choice to fill your home. Although a trip to Ikea may seem like the easiest way to find what you need, it is not the most cost-effective choice. Even Ikea furniture comes with a premium, not to mention the assembly required and the short life span of the furniture. Buying used furniture ensures that you are purchasing items that can last. You are likely to come across well-made, high-quality pieces, and you can even find antiques. If you receive Section 8 benefits, thrifted furniture can offer a cozy and unique style, even on a tight budget. 

When you look through used furniture stores, thrift stores, consignment shops and yard sales, you get access to unique pieces. Rather than identical furniture that was recently manufactured and shipped, you will find an eclectic mix of pieces. You can put together a unique set of furniture that represents your individual style. You can even find pieces for the purpose of refurbishing them and making them your own. Learn where you can find the best used furniture for accessible prices. 

Look for Furniture Thrift Stores

Furniture thrift stores dedicated to home goods and decor offer a unique collection for potential furniture shoppers. Thrift stores rely on donations from other people, but the stores typically reject low-quality donations. As a result, you have access to a curated selection of pieces the store thinks may sell. This improves the quality of the furniture available. Visit your local furniture thrift store to see what kind of pieces it has for sale. Remember that thrift store inventory changes regularly, sometimes throughout the day. Do not be afraid to make a few visits to a store to put together a collection you like. 

Additionally, furniture thrift store inventory varies by area. That means thrift stores in wealthier neighborhoods are likely to have nicer pieces available. Consider exploring thrift stores in a few neighborhoods to compare inventory options. You may find that a thrift store one town over has significantly better merchandise for sale than the one closer to you.

Explore Furniture Consignment Shops

At consignment shops, you are likely to find used furniture of a slightly higher quality than thrift stores carry. Unlike the donation system used by thrift stores, consignment shops essentially offer third parties a space to sell their wares. Because the goods are expected to make both the store owner and the product owner money, they will typically be higher quality. However, consignment shops are still known for offering bargain prices. Therefore, you can expect to find cheap, good quality furniture.

If you do consider furniture consignment stores, make sure you inspect pieces that you are interested in carefully. Most stores have a policy against returns or exchanges, so you should be sure you want the product in question. However, if you find something you like, you can try to haggle over the price. Some consignment stores will negotiate with you depending on how long the product has been on the floor. You may get an even better deal than expected on a high-quality piece of furniture this way. 

Consider Yard Sale Furniture

Another great place to find good used furniture is at yard sales and estate sales. Yard sales are organized by individual households or neighborhoods. Often, yard sale furniture is made up of older or smaller pieces that people want to get rid of. You may not find the perfect cozy couch at a yard sale. However, you can easily find picture frames, lamps, small seats and other decor pieces to fill out your home. 

Estate sale furniture, however, may be a different matter. Unlike yard sales, estate sales are typically organized to empty out a home. That means a lot of furniture, including some fairly large and nice pieces, are typically included. Estate sales are a great place to find good, cheap furniture. These events are likely to attract more people, however, which means planning in advance is necessary. If you want to scope out an estate sale for good pieces, make sure you arrive early to get a good look around. If something is too expensive, come back later and check if it is still there. Often, estate sale prices drop at the end of the day or on the last day, if it is a multi-day sale. Additionally, you should expect to pay cash at these sales. 

Browse the Internet

If visiting thrift stores and consignment shops is not working out, you may be able to find used furniture online. Websites like Craigslist and Freecycle often have used furniture listings for low or even no cost. Even Facebook has entered the online marketplace business, allowing you to browse through local listings. These online marketplaces offer anything someone might want to get rid of, which means the options are numerous. Additionally, you can expand your radius to include nearby cities. You can browse through hundreds of options for used furniture pieces from your phone. 

Keep in mind that Craigslist furniture is far more varied in price and availability than in-person stores will be. Additionally, there is little to no regulation in the online market. Therefore, you should exercise a little more caution and common sense if going this route. However, this technique is still a viable one to make a quick, private sale for affordable prices. Additionally, you can haggle prices with individual owners to get a better deal on the goods you find.

Visit Discount Furniture Stores

Used furniture is not the only option for affordable furniture pieces. You can find some good deals on new pieces at discount furniture stores like Overstock. Such places offer new furniture at a discounted price because they get their inventory from excess merchandise manufacturers cannot move. The prices will be better than regular furniture stores, but the products will be of identical quality. Discount furniture stores are a great place to find cheap, high quality furniture. However, the prices will be a bit higher than those you can find at yard sales or thrift stores. Therefore, you should use this option for pieces you cannot find or do not want to buy used, like a mattress.