How to Improve Your Living Space

Home renovations can be intimidating for someone on a limited budget. Most home improvement projects come with massive price tags that can be out of reach for Section 8 recipients. Additionally, people who do not own the property they live in can only do so much to renovate their home. However, not every project requires significant spending or tearing down walls. Section 8 beneficiaries can take on plenty of DIY project for home improvement without breaking the bank or involving their landlord. 

If you want to improve your living space, you can find simple, low-cost home improvement projects to do yourself. Although bigger renovation projects do require professional assistance, there are plenty of DIY projects for home renovation you can do yourself. From developing your interior design style to creating unique decor pieces, there are numerous updates you can make over a weekend. Learn about improving your living space on a budget in the sections below. 

Fill Your Space With Unique Pieces

When you are designing a space on a budget, used furniture should be your mainstay. Rather than buying a set of furniture from a store, put together a collection of pieces that you buy used. Consider browsing through thrift stores, estate sales and even Craigslist to find unique used furniture for cheap. You can lean into an eclectic, mismatched style or keep an eye out for pieces that work well together. New furniture can be twice as costly as used furniture, even though many new products are not built as effectively as older pieces of furniture. Additionally, mass-produced furniture rarely has a unique look to it, which means your home will not stand out. Shopping used gives you the opportunity to discover antiques, designer pieces and other unique furniture that few other people will have. 

In addition to filling out your home with used furniture, take advantage of repurposed materials to design original pieces. For example, you can sew pillow covers out of old t-shirts to change up your living room decor. You can also create gardens out of tin cans, wooden pallets and other household materials. With some creativity, mesh containers can become hanging shelves. Similarly, old suitcases can become footstools, and tennis rackets become unique mirrors. When it comes to repurposing, you can exercise your creativity. Because you are creating a unique product, it does not have to be perfect. 

By repurposing materials around your home, you reduce the number of new products coming in. You also reduce the amount of waste you generate, lowering your overall carbon footprint. You are employing all three R’s – reduce, reuse and recycle – when you repurpose home goods into accent pieces. Most importantly, you create decor pieces in your home that reflect your unique sense of style. 

Design To Maximize Space and Comfort

In small apartments, space is limited. Therefore, you should design your home to maximize the available space. One great way to maximize space is to rely on multipurpose furniture that requires less floorspace. By using furniture that serves multiple purposes, you reduce the amount of furniture overall in your home. Additionally, look for furniture that provides built-in storage or space for you to create your own storage. Even if your furniture is not intended to serve multiple purposes, you can make slight modifications to enhance its use. For example, an easy way to create more storage is to use raisers on beds and dressers. The raisers can create a larger gap underneath your furniture for storage. 

Wall painting, good lighting and a minimalist design can also go far in creating more perceived space. Light wall colors increase the amount of reflected light in a room. This makes rooms appear larger and more inviting, which can make you feel less cramped while inside. Use plenty of natural and artificial lighting to make sure the space is well-lit and bright. A brightly-lit room will appear more spacious than a dim room with little to no natural lighting. Additionally, painting your wall is easy, and you can complete it in as little as a day depending on the room size. As long as you choose light, neutral colors, you will likely have no problems seeking permission from your landlord.

Finally, in a small apartment, a minimalist look keeps the space open and navigable. Decor pieces and personal effects can quickly pile up in a small space. By removing clutter and reducing the overall number of items you have, you can make your space look cleaner and larger.  Additionally, living minimalistically means there are fewer items you have to worry about if you move in the future. Rearranging your room to model a minimalist design with a few focal pieces will make your home feel less disorganized and more intentional. 

Make Your Space Work For You

In a small apartment, maximizing efficiency matters. You do not want to struggle to access the items you need or remember where your belongings go. One way to improve your living space is rearranging your room based on maximizing productivity and minimizing unnecessary travel. For example, if you have limited room space, a closet and a chest of drawers, you can maximize space by putting the drawers in your closet. By rearranging your room this way, all your clothes are located directly in the closet. You can then make that corner of your room the dressing area by adding a mirror or a vanity. 

Additionally, you can repurpose materials around your home to make your routine smoother. For example, you can use a corkboard to create a key rack at your entrance. Rather than losing your keys all the time, place them on the key rack as soon as you walk in the door. The corkboard can also allow you to hang notes, important documents and other items you will need to take with you when you leave the house. Even in a small apartment, it can be easy to lose items like keys. Creating designated places for all your important items will minimize the amount of time you spend searching for them. By looking at how efficient your storage space is, you can find new projects you can take on to streamline your day.