Learn About Home Renovation Tasks You Can DIY

Home renovation projects, done professionally, add up quickly. Remodeling projects can cost upward of $15,000 for a small home. If you are receiving Section 8 benefits, chances are many renovation projects may seem too difficult to take on. Luckily, there are plenty of changes you can do yourself without professional help or the professional price tag that comes with it. There are several of do-it-yourself home renovation projects you can take on with a bit of research and a few supplies. They do not have to be major challenges. Painting walls and replacing fixture, for example,  can do wonders to a room.

DIY home renovations can help raise the value and improve the appearance of your home for cheap. By making small customizations, you ensure that your property stands out from your neighbors’ homes. Additionally, taking on small renovations ensures that your home has your personal touch, rather than a cookie-cutter look. The sections below describe easy projects you can take on by yourself at low cost. 

Apply a Fresh Coat of Paint

If you do not know how to paint a wall, now is a great time to learn. Wall painting is a relatively easy project that can completely transform a space. A room’s colors play a big role in defining the atmosphere while setting a basic comfort level. For example, blue encourages productivity, while red stimulates the appetite. Green and lavender are both soothing colors. Design new color schemes for your home based on psychology to make the rooms stand out and put you in the right frame of mind. 

Wall painting projects can be completed over a weekend or two. All you need to complete the project are paints, rollers, sheets and some painter’s tape. You can even paint designs, like diamonds or stripes, with the painter’s tape and some precision. A careful painting job can make your room look professionally done on a DIY budget. Painting your whole house can cost as little as $100. The actual paint will be the most expensive part of your project. Once you are done, remember to avoid touching the wall for a day to let it finish drying. 

Reupholster Your Furniture

Another easy project you can do is replacing your furniture fabric. You may not know how to reupholster your furniture off-hand, but it is simpler than it looks. Anything from your lamp shade to your easy chair to your entire couch can get a serious update this way. Rather than replacing your furniture, you can change up the style to make it feel new. 

You only need basic supplies to do this. A hammer, nails, pliers, a screwdriver and a staple gun will get the project done. Finding fabric for furniture reupholstering will be the most difficult part, as such fabric often starts at $20 a yard. Luckily, you can reupholster numerous small pieces, like lamps or the arms of chairs, with the same strip of fabric. Doing so will provide cohesion throughout a room in a one-of-a-kind design. However, try practicing on old furniture you find at yard sales before tearing apart your favorite chair. If you are not sure you can take on a whole couch, start with smaller pieces. 

Replace Bathroom and Kitchen Details

Replacing bathroom furniture is expensive, but replacing bathroom fixtures is not. Upgrading knobs, towel racks and your faucet can make furniture look newer and more updated. If your current fixtures are outdated, rusty or mismatched, you can everything items a fresh new look by replacing them with matching fixtures. 

The same thing can be done with your kitchen fixtures. A new faucet and cabinet knobs will make your furniture look newer and more recently updated. Even if the rest of the furniture is old, just replacing the knobs can give the kitchen a whole new look. Replace your plastic handles with silver knobs or gold pulls. If you do not want to spend money on replacing your fixtures, removing them and giving them a coat of spray paint has a similar effect. Small details catch the eye, so small changes can make a big difference. Spray painting fixtures is a particularly easy DIY renovation you can take on yourself. Just remember to give any spray-painted fixtures time to dry out fully before picking them up and installing them back in. 

Install a New Backsplash

If your kitchen is looking dated, you can make a big change on a small budget by replacing the kitchen backsplash. Although it sounds daunting, replacing the backsplash can be as easy as applying vinyl stickers to it. Vinyl stickers are an easy-to-use product that you can apply yourself in an afternoon with a level measure, a pen and a boxcutter. You can find vinyl stickers in all sorts of designs, from mosaic to geometric patterns to subway tiling. Because it is only vinyl, you can replace it if you get bored with the design, too. 

If using tile in your kitchen backsplash is not your taste, try painting the backsplash instead. You can find ornate stencils online or in stores that you can paint over to create intricate designs. For something unique, try using chalkboard paint to make your kitchen backsplash a note-taking spot. Chalkboard paint is a little pricier than regular paint, but you can use it as a means of communicating. Write down grocery lists, messages to family members and reminders to yourself. 

Update Your Window Treatments

Your window treatments could probably use some updating. Luckily, you can easily put together some DIY window curtains with fabric, sewing skills and a screwdriver. Windows can help set the tone for a room. By replacing your curtains with something new, you can change the mood entirely. While long blackout curtains can create an intimate and romantic setting, they also close the room off. In spaces like your living room and kitchen, short light-colored curtains can bring in sunshine and draw the eye upward. You can even repurpose bed sheets to make new curtains. If you do not have window rods to hang curtains from, you can buy a rod from your hardware store for cheap. It would take just a couple hours to install window curtain rods throughout your home. Once installed, you can get creative with your window treatments.