How to Decorate Your Home on a Budget

Finding home decorating ideas on Decorating your dream home doesn’t have to be expensive.

Learn cheap decorating ideas, and DIY ideas for the home, and get to crafting today! a budget can help you lessen the costs associated with designing your dream home. You don’t have the break the bank to turn your home into a modern, funky abode. Bargain shopping at home goods stores can be even more fun when you know what to spot, and where to place it. Not sure how to find cheap decorating ideas that suit both your budget and your taste? Continue on below to review some ideas surrounding DIY concepts and how to decorate a small apartment, a large house, or even just your favorite personal space. 

Cheap Decorating Ideas 

A great deal on cheap home décor goes a long way when you want to redecorate. Your shopping bills can add up fast, leaving your plan for apartment decorating on a budget in the dust. However, fret not. The penny-saver way of life is a common and acceptable vice, because it is actually fun and thrilling to design at a low cost. Unsure of how to decorate your apartment for cheap? Consider: 

  1. Rearranging the furniture. Literally, the least expensive way to have a little fengshui go a long way is to work with what you already have. Your furniture is probably in great condition, but, perhaps, it can use some rearranging. If you live in a small apartment you want to redecorate, think about simply switching up the arrangement. For instance, if you have a home office space set along your living room wall, consider moving your desk over the window, to get some fresh sunlight while you work. Additionally, swap the placement of your sofa and your TV, which can give you a reverse-room effect, and leave the space feeling refreshed. Although the rearrangement might take some getting used to, it will truly help you reinvent your home feel – for free!
  2. Rotate your art. If you are already an art connoisseur, you likely have placed your works strategically throughout your home. However, maybe a little rotation will help revitalize your house. Consider moving art from your bedroom into your living room, and vice versa. Also, if you have some pieces in storage, this is the time to break them out and share your space with them. 
  3. Going to thrift stores and yard and estate sales. If you simply must add a fresh piece or two to your home or apartment while decorating on a budget, make sure you set a price, and then head out for the secondhand sales. You can visit thrift stores filled will antique vanities and book cases, and if you seek a new bedframe or want to add a sofa to your home, a yard or estate sale is your best bet. Check your local and online listings to find out where the sales are happening, and then plan to brush up on your haggling skills, so you can score some exciting deals.
  4. Purchasing mirrors to open up the space. An amazing hack when you are seeking cheap home décor ideas is to purchase a few mirrors. Thanks to the depth provided by their reflections, the placement of a few mirrors around the house can give off a spacious effect. You can spot these at local sales as well, or coupon-clip before you head over to a craft or home goods store, which will help you ensure the best pricing. Tip: Go for unique shapes and finishes, which will help give your home the extra pop it needs.  
  5. Accessorizing. Sometimes, a bit of cheap home décor accessorizing is all you really need to breathe new life into your home. Not sure where to start? Think interesting textures or bold patterns for window curtains to help frame your natural lighting. You can also throw together a few bouquets of fake flowers and purchase some seasonal aromatic candles. Add a few beautiful frames to the walls or your bookshelf to give old photos a new, enhanced look. Additionally, if you don’t have an area rug, it’s about time you start watching the sales and invest in one, because you are looking at an entire room transformation with one simple flooring technique.  

Once you employ these five affordable home decorating ideas, you will be well on your way to a revitalized home – on the cheap! 

DIY Home Décor Projects 

For those craftier homebodies, you can look to DIY home décor projects to achieve a few fresh looks. If you like to work with your hands, you can: 

  • Repurpose and refinish your furniture. Consider wood staining, paint jobs and adding new fixtures to older pieces for an entirely new look. 
  • Paint new accent walls. If you live in a home where all the walls are painted white, think about the excitement a few accent walls can bring to your home. However, make sure to really take your time in choosing a color that complements your current décor. For instance, a deep gray has the ability to balance out homes with lots of black and white hues. On the other hand, a tan or sandalwood tone works well with earthier décor. Tip: Think long and hard before you commit to a bold color, like red, turquoise or bright yellow!
  • Use wallpaper to make old items stand out. Just a few feet of wallpaper can go the distance if you want to accent a portion of a wall, the inside of an armoire, the backing of a vanity and more. Even though wallpaper seems dated, if you choose your patterns wisely, this is a cheap DIY idea with which you can get creative. 
  • Employ fabric for new upholstery. You don’t need a sewing machine to get behind DIY ideas for the home like this one. Instead, a few coupons for the fabric store, some safety pins and a great pair of fabric scissors can get you reupholstering your furniture and accent pillows in no time at all. If you are into this idea, you can purchase fabric by the yard, and change it up, based on the season. 
  • Create your own artwork. Easy craft ideas for the home can be art-driven if you have a deft hand. Whether you take up painting as a pastime at home, or really love a paint-and-sip outing with friends, consider mounting a few of your favorite pieces, which will give you both refreshed décor and a sense of pride in your own work – at a fraction of the cost to take home a gallery piece. 
  • Create new photo collages. DIY home décor projects related to photography are a great way to showcase your favorite works. Be it of gorgeous mountain views from travel to your favorite famous landmarks visited, utilize your own photos is an effective way to DIY artwork. Thanks to platforms like Pinterest, you can look into ways to collage in separate frames, or attach them with chains, curtain rods and other innovative supplies. Consider a black-and-white photo wall, if you would like to pay homage to a more classic or retro feel. 

When it comes to DIY home décor, the sky is truly the limit. With some decent craft supplies, a bit of patience and an artsy imagination, you can go to great lengths to create exciting home accents on your very own.