Learn About the Best Money Sending Apps

Thanks to PayPal here app, along with options via Cash and Venmo, transferring funds electronically – and instantly – is easier than ever before. Be it surrounding a mobile money transfer for a purchase via your company, or to transfer quick funds from a dinner outing to a friend, there are several options at your disposal.  

The best money sending apps available make bank-to-bank transfers a thing of the past. You no longer need to belong to the same bank as someone else, in order to get cash quickly. Additionally, anyone can accept payments via credit or debit cards, these days. Seeking an education on the best money apps out there today? Continue on to find the best options for your financial needs. 

About PayPal

The PayPal here app is a new way to process payments from purchasers. Adding a small mobile card reader device into the equation (like Square), vendors can now accept credit cards in a compatible, on-the-go format. 

How do you use one of the best money sending app options on the market today? The instructions are as follows: 

  1. Download the mobile app onto your smartphone or compatible device
  2. Create your business user profile 
  3. Plug the PayPal mobile card reader into the audio jack of your device
  4. Swipe all major credit cards and debit cards using the reader, and begin accepting transactions

In addition to operating this mobile money app, you can purchase other equipment to build your capabilities. To your operation, you can add:

  • Point-of-sale stands. If you are using a tablet, this can elevate the user experience. The lockable enclosures ensure your device will remain safe while in use. 
  • Receipt printers. Mobile printing devices will give you the option to provide physical receipts to your customers, if you so choose. You can service professional receipts quickly, and with ease. 

If you need assistance in figuring out how to use your PayPal here app or hardware, you can contact customer service online, via the app, itself, or by phone. 

If you do not have a use for PayPal here as a business owner, you can still utilize the traditional PayPal online money transfer app (or the mobile version) for both business and friends/family money transfers. 

About Cash App

The option to utilize the Cash app is thanks to the Square family. In addition to the electronic free money transfer app, you can send funds using Bitcoin. The money is stored on your app, in your virtual account, until you transfer it within the app, to another user or to your bank account. Wondering how to set up Cash app? You can: 

  1. Download the software from your mobile device’s app store. 
  2. Open the app, type in your phone number or email address and create an account. 
  3. Enter the confirmation code.
  4. Add your debit card information to your user profile to link your banking information to the app.
  5. Create your “Cashtag” handle, or username. 
  6. Invite your friends, though this step is optional. 
  7. Pay a contact, let a contact know you are ready to be paid or request funds from a contact. 

Note: If you are a Bitcoin user, there are special instructions to follow, if you plan to utilize this form of currency for your Cash application transfers. 

About Venmo 

The Venmo money transfer option is also one of the most popular money sending apps on the market today. This virtual app is free, easy to use and fun for its users. When using the Venmo mobile money app, users can send animated notes and memos with emojis, which enhances the user experience. These transactions are public, so you can view all of your contacts’ spending histories, via a newsfeed screen. However, if you prefer to be more private about your mobile money transfer, you can opt to do this, as well. You can set up Venmo by:

  1. Downloading the Venmo app from the app store on your compatible device. 
  2. Creating a username and uploading your banking information. 
  3. Connecting with contacts. 
  4. Sending and receiving money transfers to hold in your virtual account, or to transfer to your bank.

Did you know that many businesses now accept Venmo money transfers as a legitimate form of payment? This means you can use your Venmo balance to buy goods and services. Participating vendors include, but are not limited to:

  • Uber and Uber Eats. 
  • Grubhub and Seamless.
  • Forever 21. 
  • J. Crew.
  • Urban Outfitters. 
  • Lululemon. 
  • Foot Locker. 
  • Eastboy. 
  • Poshmark.

Learn About Other Money-Transfer Apps 

In addition to the best money sending apps mentioned above, you can utilize even more mobile transferring options. You can use other services like: 

  • Zelle: Focusing on peer-to-peer money transfers, Zelle users must have a qualifying bank account to utilize this money transfer app. For those who do not possess Zelle accounts, however, money will take one to three business days to move, so make sure you are set up and ready to go, before use. 
  • OFX: This app allows you to transfer large amounts overseas. There is a currency convertor, which allows you the best exchange rates possible. This is not a money transfer app; however, transactions are unlimited. The minimum transfer you can make, though, is $1,000.
  • TransferWise: This is also one of the best money sending app options for international transfers. Transaction fees are minimal, and conversion rates are guaranteed for up to 29 hours. Unlike OFX, which requires a minim transfer of $1,000 per transaction, TransferWise has no minimum transfer requirements in place. 
  • WorldRemit: Yet another international option, there is no minimum transfer required to use this money app, and it is known for its speedy transfer time. It is quick and easy to use, without the bells and whistles; but not every user seeks added features. 

Today, you can also send money through Google Pay, and even Facebook Messenger!

Why use a money transfer app? 

Mobile money apps are no longer the wave of the future; they are the here-and-now money transfer modes that give users fast access to the cash they need to send or receive. Utilizing these mobile money services ensures you can quickly transfer money, no matter the circumstance. This practice allows you to mitigate uncomfortable money-related conversations surrounding I.O.U. situations. With free and minimal-fee options, there are money-based apps for all types of shoppers and shops, alike.